For me the holiday season started with a Christmas Craft Show fundraiser back in November. The photo club dressed as Whos from the How the Grinch Stole Christmas and ran a photo booth. It was overall a very good holiday season. We had movie nights as Joe’s crazy apartment (he was trying to put the Griswalds to shame). I┬áhad my first solo exhibit at Hamilton Library Gallery. My family took a trip to Simcoe Lights, which is always amazing. My Church has a winter bonfire with roasted hot dogs and chilli at the nearby provincial park and a board game night for New Year’s Eve. I dressed my rabbits and guinea pig for their annual Christmas portraits, I didn’t actually take many photos on Christmas Day, but Christmas with friends and family is always nice – eating, watching movies, giving gifts, all in a drowsy post-turkey state. It’s nice. It’s definitely my favourite time of year.