Please leave  hearts everywhere but first let me explain. The symbol of the heart is over-used to the point of almost being meaningless. It’s easy to look past it when you see it so often, (unless you’re in second grade analyzing valentines from your classmates to determine who might have a crush on you). A number of years ago, Drew Barrymore created a coffee table book of her heart photography and although I purchased it, I thought it was sort of silly. Hearts are everywhere. At Art Crawl the other night, I found a chalk heart on a brick wall in an art gallery and I realized how much I enjoy finding hearts when I’m out exploring. I don’t mean hearts made by nature, although those are interesting too. It’s really nice to go out for a walk with your camera and stumble upon a heart scribbled in ink or paint or chalk. It means so much, despite how little it means.

collecting hearts


It seems to me it’s almost like a secret hand signal but also like a lighthouse. It’s a message that someone intended to share with potentially universal meaning. Everyone can understand it but only certain people do. People who still look for magic in the world and by magic, I mean goodness and by goodness I mean empathy, art, compassion and voice, all mixed in one. People who draw hearts know that somehow a lonely individual, or maybe someone weighed down by all that is negative in the world, will see that heart and know that it means love conquers all. That’s pretty powerful.heart carved with initials


Not every heart is designed to be part of the code. Sometimes hearts are just decoration or carved in wood to express the love of a couple, but somehow that doesn’t take away from their significance. At least not for me.



heart fence

I’m not expecting to start a viral campaign or encouraging you to vandalize property with hearts, but if you see hearts somewhere or leave chalk or paper hearts behind you, and you think of it, I’d love for you to share them with me. I don’t have the monopoly on #leavehearts but there aren’t that many photos posted, so we will go with that or email them to me Thank you so much!

love on the rocks
prudhommeslove wins