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Lake Erie at Night

I have long been an admirer of Mike Kukuscka‘s night photography; he specializes in capturing the world after dark, and his work is really just so beautifully orchestrated, that when I heard he was doing a talk at Haldimand Photography Club, I basically signed up immediately.

Sarah went along with me, and afterwards said, “We should go out shooting this weekend”. So, last night we went to James N. Allan Park and set up along the beach as a storm was rolling across the sky. It’s a little eerie being entirely alone on a dark beach and I was glad we opted for this open expanse rather than Rock Point Provincial Park which is basically a forest, as we had first discussed. Not because anything would happen, but for the creepiness factor. I think I’d have to tackle that in a larger group.

I haven’t mastered the skill of night photography, and I don’t even really have the proper gear, but I created a few things that I don’t mind sharing.

The white flash behind the clouds is lightning. The storm never did hit us, but we were all set to leave when the lightning started and it never came our way. 

Americans, we can see you!

I randomly decided to shoot the darkest part of the sky, where the cloud cover was most dense. This was one of the “out-takes” but I love how abstract looking it turned out, despite being so underexposed.

And more out-takes, just because….

Sarah wanted me to look at something on her camera, 

And she’s painting a tree with light, but it looks like a funny dance. Although she literally was dancing and it was dark, so I had no way to capture it, which she knew and was glad about, I assume, since I would likely post in on social media.

Port Dover in the Sunshine

I’m trying to have an “adventure” every week this summer. It ends up that some weeks I have two and other weeks, there’s a longer gap. These are photos from a bit ago, that I finally got around to reviewing. My family is very small. On my dad’s side, there was only my dad and his brother and my uncle never had children, so we grew up visiting my dad’s cousins, and his aunts, because my grandmother died when my dad was very young. I still see my dad’s cousins, even though my dad is gone, because they are the only family I have, and although I didn’t see them often, I’m always grateful for the times I do. All of this is to say, I want to Port Dover with my dad’s cousin and my great aunt the other day. We had perfect weather for a visit to the lake.

port dover lighthouse

port dover lighthouse 02

Port dover beachThe building in this photo is a restaurant. We stopped there for an early dinner. I had a pasta dish, (I don’t remember what) because I dislike fish, and it was good, but the best part of this place is definitely the view.

On the way to Port Dover, we stopped so Bruce could take photos of an abandoned military base in Hagersville. We also grabbed a few pictures of this abandoned mausoleum just aside Port Dover. It was built and never used so there are no people buried inside. It’s a lovely building if not a bit creepy. It would be great for a museum dedicated to the macabre.

Mausoleum 02 mausoleum