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Abandoned Water Park Prudhomme’s Landing

We heard that developers had purchased Prudhomme’s Landing, so we immediately went to see the abandoned remains before it all gets turn down. There were at least seven other people exploring the grounds with us that day. The water slide, covered in graffiti, is pretty much a photographer’s dream, particularly when juxtaposed with all the overgrown trees and grass all around. It’s this weird urban treasure in the middle of nature. There was also a hotel and paint ball business on the same location. We checked out all three, but I ended up with nearly one hundred images, so I’m breaking down the posts into individual articles.

I haven’t done extensive research on the topic and neither have any of the pages that appear in the immediate google search listings. When I do, I’ll update for sure. The general consensus is that no one remembers when the park opened. I guess it just appeared out of thin air one day. There seems to be a lot of unknowns around its closure also, but people figure that it wasn’t running after the summer of 2002. It was very busy in its day, and boasted a very scary haunted house (with chicken doors). I sort of remember going through the haunted house once, a few years before it closed, and I’m not exactly brave about that stuff, but I don’t recollect it being unusually traumatizing. The haunted house, which was originally a mansion, burned down. Photos from the park in its heyday are available here.wet n wild wet n wild 2 top of the world take on the world slide at prudhomme's prudhommes tree prudhommes 03 hole in the slide Prudhomme's Prudhomme's prudhommes 04 prudhommes gateway prudhommes photographers prudhommes pool house prudhommes pool Prudhommes 02 pathway lake ontario jgg aliens exist bottom of the slide prudhomme's chair at prudhomme's exploring partner Prudhomme's Abandoned camper Abandoned camper Prudhomme's Prudhomme's landing prudhomme's water slide 02 Prudhomme's Water Slide

Prudhomme’s Landing motel burned down a few weeks ago, I think two weeks after I was there. We didn’t run into any ghosts, but Haunted North America has some interesting photos of the park in its abandoned state as well. Much of why they captured wasn’t there by the time we went, at least, not that we saw. My full set of images is available for viewing here with photos of other abandoned places in the area.

Exploring Beamer’s Falls in Grimsby

Friends of mine LOVE Sushi Eight and I had never been, so my friend, Joe, and I went last weekend. There are three locations, and one is in Grimsby (my dad’s home town). The food was DELICIOUS, but that’s not the point of this post. On the way home, we decided to stop at Beamer’s Falls for a short hike. It’s along the Bruce Trail, sort of near the Devil’s Punch Bowl.

grimsby, bruce trailThere isn’t actually much of a trail “to hike”. You sort of walk down a path to a look-out and then if you want to get closer to the falls, you can slide down the side of the escarpment and go a bit of a ways a long the edge. Then you get to another smaller falls, but basically at this point, the edge drops off to a cliff that goes straight down. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could go further I guess, but we were just stopping on a whim, and the ground was pretty slippery and muddy, so we stopped.

If nothing else, take a drive a long the escarpment, it’s always beautiful.

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